Dish TV Recharge Plans, Packs, Offers 2021

Here, you can find the best dish tv recharge plans wherein you can select the perfect package into the latest dish tv recharge plan list. But few dish tv recharge packages made by the dish tv according to region wise. Hence, you can scroll down to choose the best dish tv packages.

Dish tv gives the flexibility to choose their favorite channel pack to its dth customers. Dish TV has also designed dish tv plans and packages according to new TRAI guidelines. Now, you can make your own pack ‘mera apna pack’ or customize your channel packages.

Dish TV is the most trusted dth brand since its launching. Dish TV always offers its recharge plans on the discounted price along with new offers in 2021. Both types of SD and HD channels included in the dish tv recharge offers.

You can also choose the Broadcaster Bouquets to include channels from different broadcasters on Dish TV. You can select any dth packages, plans and channels according to your interest as you like.

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Dish TV recharge plans 2021

Dish TV is one of DTH’s biggest distributors. It gives user friendly and flexible Dish TV recharge plans and packages. Dish TV recharge plans are available on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly basis.

Get the new Dish TV recharge plans, Dish TV deals, Dish TV offers, Dish TV recharge packages with price, number of dish tv channel list are available. This list will help you to choose your best dish tv plan simply.

You have any difficulties with the dish tv package, and you can call the dish tv customer care. Scroll down the page and pick the appropriate Dish TV recharge plan list for further Dish TV recharge.

Dish TV recharge plan for 1 month

Dish TV PacksPrice
Dishtv Bharat Cambo Pack₹189
Dishtv Hindi Premium Pack₹291
Dishtv Swagat Pack₹265
Dishtv Swagat HD Pack₹335
Dishtv Super Family Pack₹326
Dishtv Super Family HD Pack₹434
Dishtv Family Sports Kids Pack₹318
Dishtv Family Sports Kids HD Pack₹511
Dishtv Maxi Sports Pack₹386
Dishtv Maxi Sports HD Pack₹522
Dishtv Super Sports Pack₹454
Dishtv Super Sports HD Pack₹576
Dishtv Titanium Pack₹519
Dishtv Titanium HD Pack₹653

Dish TV recharge plan for 3 months

Dish tv always gives new recharge offers for its customers. If you are a Dish tv user. You can get a seven days extra recharge offer. You recharge your current dish tv pack for three months only for a single transaction. You can get 7 days extra entertainment from Dishtv.

Dish TV PacksPrice
Dishtv Bharat Cambo Pack₹567
Dishtv Hindi Premium Pack₹873
Dishtv Swagat Pack₹795
Dishtv Swagat HD Pack₹1005
Dishtv Super Family Pack₹978
Dishtv Super Family HD Pack₹1302
Dishtv Family Sports Kids Pack₹954
Dishtv Family Sports Kids HD Pack₹1533
Dishtv Maxi Sports Pack₹1158
Dishtv Maxi Sports HD Pack₹1566
Dishtv Super Sports Pack₹1362
Dishtv Super Sports HD Pack₹1728
Dishtv Titanium Pack₹1557
Dishtv Titanium HD Pack₹1959

Dish TV recharge plan for 6 months

You can get an amazing recharge offer from Dish tv. If you recharge your current dish tv pack for six months in a single transaction. Then you can avail 15 days of extra entertainment from Dish tv. Most users recharge their dish tv packs for six months and avail 15 days extra.

Dish TV PacksPrice
Dishtv Bharat Cambo Pack₹1134
Dishtv Hindi Premium Pack₹1746
Dishtv Swagat Pack₹1590
Dishtv Swagat HD Pack₹2010
Dishtv Super Family Pack₹1956
Dishtv Super Family HD Pack₹2604
Dishtv Family Sports Kids Pack₹1908
Dishtv Family Sports Kids HD Pack₹3066
Dishtv Maxi Sports Pack₹2316
Dishtv Maxi Sports HD Pack₹3132
Dishtv Super Sports Pack₹2724
Dishtv Super Sports HD Pack₹3456
Dishtv Titanium Pack₹3114
Dishtv Titanium HD Pack₹3918

Dish TV recharge plan for 12 months

You can also get a Dish tv recharge offer for 12 months. If you recharge your current dish tv package for 12 months in a single transaction. Then, Dish tv adds 30 days extra to your dish tv pack. All the recharge offers will be applicable if the user does not change the current pack between the lock period.

Dish TV PacksPrice
Dishtv Bharat Cambo Pack₹2268
Dishtv Hindi Premium Pack₹3492
Dishtv Swagat Pack₹3180
Dishtv Swagat HD Pack₹4020
Dishtv Super Family Pack₹3912
Dishtv Super Family HD Pack₹5208
Dishtv Family Sports Kids Pack₹3816
Dishtv Family Sports Kids HD Pack₹6132
Dishtv Maxi Sports Pack₹4632
Dishtv Maxi Sports HD Pack₹6264
Dishtv Super Sports Pack₹5448
Dishtv Super Sports HD Pack₹6912
Dishtv Titanium Pack₹6228
Dishtv Titanium HD Pack₹7836

Dish TV has made more than 18 packages based on the region, including Standard Definition and High Definition quality. You can also choose any DTH packages, plans, and channels as per your region.

As per above Dish tv packages list, select the best dish tv plans after going to the official website of dish tv You can choose their subscription pack on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis.

Dish TV active service price

Dishtv Active ServiceAmountMissed Call Number
Dishtv Jyotish Dunia₹4018003157004
Dishtv Ayushmaan Active₹4018005682532
Dishtv Comedy Active₹4018002749700
Dishtv Fitness Active₹4018003157803
Dishtv Topper Active ₹5918003157028
Dishtv Thriller Active₹4018003157601
Dishtv Short TV Active₹5918005682535
Dishtv Korean Drama Active₹4018005321000
Dishtv Hits Active₹4018005682536
Dishtv Cine active₹2018005682534
Dishtv Evergreen Active₹4018002700282
Dishtv Movies Active₹5918002741100
Dishtv Rangmanch Active₹7518005682509
Dishtv Dance Active₹4018002700214
Dishtv Music Active Hits₹4018002700096
Dishtv Music Active Masala₹4018002700096
Dishtv Cooking Active₹4018002700283
Dishtv Kids Active Toons₹4018005320001
Dishtv Kids Active Rhymes₹4018005320001
Dishtv Bhakti Active₹4018002700371
Dishtv Ibadat Active₹4018008430786
Dishtv Punjabi Active₹4018005682514
Dishtv Marathi Active₹4018002700371

Dish TV recharge offers 2021

Dish TV provides different recharge plans that are user-friendly and affordable. A wide range of channel packs are included in the Dish TV recharge plans. Dish TV special offer deals are best value packs with all circles.

The Dish TV special offer’s recharge plan is perfect if you recharge for a long time. If customers renew their plan quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis. You can avail of Dish TV Recharge Offer for extra days more entertainment.

To recharge your dish tv plan to continue to enjoy this special offer from Dish TV until your validity expires.

  • Dish TV Recharge offer for 12 months – Get 30 days extra
  • Dish TV Recharge offer for 6 months – Get 15 days extra
  • Dish TV Recharge offer for 3 months – Get 7 days extra

This guide will help you to choose your dish tv recharge plans with a channel list. You can purchase any Dish TV package to fit for your choice and budget. Recharge your Dish TV pack, and enjoy the service with the cheapest Dish TV packages. You can also recharge your Dish tv pack online anytime or anywhere as you want.


  • How to change dish tv package online?

    If you are not satisfied with the current dish tv pack, you can also change your dish tv pack online through the dish tv official website. Log in to your subscriber account with your mobile number to change the dish tv package.

  • How can I recharge my Dish TV by mobile?

    You can easily recharge your dish tv plan by mobile phone by using dish tv app as well as other payment gateway app like paytm app, freecharge, phonepe, google pay etc.

  • How can I check my DishTV plan?

    You can check your dish tv recharge plan online through dish tv official website or app. You can also check your dish tv recharge plan by calling on 09501795017 of dish tv customer care number or sending SMS CALL ME to 57575 through a registered mobile number.

  • What is the lowest pack of Dish TV?

    The lowest pack is Classic Hindi of 170 per month in dish tv. You can watch some general entertainment, kids, movies, news, and other SD tv channels in this pack.