Best Airtel Dish TV Recharge Plans, Packs and Offers 2021

Like DishTV, Tata Sky, Sun TV, Airtel Digital TV has given so many options to choose the best Airtel dish tv recharge plans. But it is not possible to choose the best dth plan for a subscription. A subscriber is always confused about what dth plan should opt for better entertainment for his families. If you are an Airtel dish tv user, this guide will help you find the most suitable Airtel Dth plans and packages for 2021.

Airtel Digital TV

Airtel Digital TV is a direct broadcast satellite service provider launched in October 2008 and operated by Bharti Airtel India. The viewing experience of TV on the Airtel Dth has become a more transparent and powerful sound effect. Airtel digital TV currently offers more than 350 channels and services, including 17 HD channels and six interactive services in English and several Indian regional languages.

Airtel DTH Packs under 199

Airtel Dth PacksChannelsPrices
BST Pack ROI Pack99₹ 153
BST Pack South Pack100₹ 153

Airtel DTH Packs under 299

Airtel Dth PacksChannelsPrices
New Orissa SD Pack_New37₹ 200
New MAH SD Pack_New37₹ 206
New Kerala SD Pack_New47₹ 220
New WB SD Pack_New41₹ 220
Gujarat Value Lite SD Pack_New60₹ 240
Hindi Value Lite SD Pack_New68₹ 240
New MAH HD Pack_New37₹ 241
New WB HD Pack_New41₹ 244
Hindi Value Lite SD Pack (ZEE-TV18)_New80₹ 254
Gujarat Value Lite SD Pack (ZEE-TV18)_New80₹ 254
WB Value Lite SD Pack_New68₹ 272
New Karnataka SD plus Pack_New65₹ 273
Kerala Value Lite SD Pack_New62₹ 275
TN Value Lite SD Pack_New77₹ 275
Orissa Value Lite SD Pack_New70₹ 275
New Kerala HD Pack_New47₹ 277
New AP SD plus Pack_New66₹ 279
Dabang SD Pack_New92₹ 280
Karnataka Value Lite SD Pack_New78₹ 285
Gujarat Value Lite HD Pack_New64₹ 286
New Karnataka HD Pack_New60₹ 289
Dabang Sports 1 M pack94₹ 290
Guj Dabang Sports 1 M pack84₹ 290
Marathi Dabang Sports 1 M pack81₹ 290
WB Dabang Sports 1 M pack82₹ 290
Gujarat Value Lite HD Pack (ZEE-TV18)_New81₹ 291
Hindi Value Lite HD Pack (ZEE-TV18)_New81₹ 291
Hindi Value Lite HD Pack_New73₹ 292
AP Value Lite SD Pack_New69₹ 293
Oriya Dabang Sports 1 M pack82₹ 295
New TN HD Pack_New60₹ 295
MAH Value Lite SD Pack_New86₹ 295

Airtel DTH Packs under 399

Airtel Dth PacksChannelsPrices
Kerala Value Lite HD Pack_New59₹ 324
Hindi Value Sports lite Pack_New105₹ 332
WB Value Sports lite Pack_New102₹ 332
Orissa Value Sports SD Pack_New102₹ 333
Kerala Value Plus SD Pack_New85₹ 333
AP Value Lite HD Pack_New69₹ 333
MAH Value Sports lite Pack_New101₹ 335
Gujarat Value Sports SD Pack_New105₹ 336
TN Value Sports SD Pack_New93₹ 340
Karnataka Value Plus SD Pack_New106₹ 343
AP Value Plus SD Pack_New99₹ 350
WB Value Lite HD Pack_New71₹ 350
Orissa Value Lite HD Pack_New72₹ 351
Hindi Value Sports SD Pack_New112₹ 353
MAH Value Sports SD plus Pack_New107₹ 353
WB Value Sports SD plus Pack_New108₹ 353
Dabang Sports HD 1 M pack90₹ 360
Guj Dabang Sports HD 1 M pack88₹ 360
Marathi Dabang Sports HD 1 M pack83₹ 360
Oriya Dabang Sports HD 1 M pack84₹ 360
WB Dabang Sports HD 1 M pack83₹ 360
MAH Value Lite HD Pack_New84₹ 360
Freedom Entertainment HD Pack102₹ 360
Karnataka Value Lite HD Pack_New78₹ 361
Dabang HD Pack_New99₹ 366
Karnataka Value Sports SD Pack_New109₹ 382
TN Value Lite HD Pack_New77₹ 385
AP Value Sports SD Pack_New104₹ 390
Freedom Sports & Kids HD Pack_Oriya102₹ 399

Airtel DTH Packs under 499

Airtel Dth PacksChannelsPrices
Freedom Sports & Kids HD Pack_Guj109₹ 411
Kerala Value Plus HD Pack_New85₹ 416
Karnataka Value Plus HD Pack_New89₹ 422
Freedom Sports & Kids HD pack114₹ 426
TN My Family SD Pack_New116₹ 429
Freedom Sports & Kids HD Pack_WB111₹ 429
Freedom Sports & Kids HD Pack_Mah109₹ 432
MAH My Family SD Pack_New126₹ 437
Kerala Mega SD Pack_New 111₹ 437
Gujarat My Family SD Pack_New129₹ 437
WB My Family SD Pack_New122₹437
Orissa My Family SD Pack_New 127₹ 450
Karnataka My Family SD Pack_New117₹ 451
Hindi My Family SD Pack_New138₹ 452
Gujarat Value Sports HD Pack_New112₹ 457
Orissa Value Sports HD Pack_New104₹ 465
TN Mega SD Pack_New133₹ 468
AP Value Plus HD Pack_New101₹ 475
AP My Family SD Pack_New129₹ 475
Karnataka Mega SD Pack_New134₹ 476
TN Value Sports HD Pack_New90₹ 477
WB Value Sports HD Pack_New115₹ 478
Hindi Value Sports lite HD Pack_New115₹ 484
Hindi Mega SD Pack_New146₹ 489
MAH Mega SD Pack_New148₹ 489
WB Mega SD Pack_New142₹ 489
Gujarat Mega SD Pack_New151₹ 489
MAH Value Sports HD Pack_New111₹ 490
Hindi Value Sports HD Pack_New119₹ 496
AP Mega SD Pack_New135₹ 498

Airtel DTH Packs under 599

Airtel Dth PacksChannelsPrices
TN My Family HD Pack_New109₹ 505
Orissa Mega SD Pack_New149₹ 507
Kerala Mega HD Pack_New116₹ 523
Hindi My Family HD Pack_New134₹ 524
Karnataka My Family HD Pack_New116₹ 548
Gujarat My Family HD Pack_New134₹ 550
WB My Family HD Pack_New126₹ 562
MAH My Family HD Pack_New 123₹ 570
Orissa My Family HD Pack_New132₹ 574
AP My Family HD Pack_New128₹ 588

Airtel DTH Packs above 600

Airtel DTH PacksChannelsPrices
TN Mega HD Pack_New136₹ 614
Karnataka Mega HD Pack_New140₹ 622
Hindi Mega HD Pack_New154₹ 630
Gujarat Mega HD Pack_New159₹ 630
WB Mega HD Pack_New149₹ 642
AP Mega HD Pack_New141₹ 650
MAH Mega HD Pack_New156₹ 654
Orissa Mega HD Pack_New157₹ 654
All channels 1 M pack253₹ 1675

Airtel Dish TV recharge plan online

You don’t have to worry about how to recharge an airtel dish tv online. You can be recharging of Airtel Digital TV anytime and anywhere effortlessly, and enjoy Airtel dish tv. You can instantly recharge Airtel Digital TV online like top operators Dish TV, Sun TV, Big TV, Videocon D2H, and many more.

Airtel DTH online recharge via the website:

  • Visit the Airtel website and login
  • Select “DTH option”
  • Enter which you have DTH operator “Airtel DTH”
  • Enter your dth account number
  • Enter the recharge amount
  • Now, click on proceed button and complete the payment process

Airtel DTH online recharge via the Airtel Thanks App:

  • Login to your Airtel Thanks App
  • Click on the “Recharge Button” on the homepage
  • Select “DTH recharge”
  • Enter your DTH ID Number or your registered name
  • Select your Airtel DTH operator
  • You can either browse more plans
  • Now click on “Pay Now Button” and complete the payment process


How to check plans for Airtel DTH?

You can check plans for Airtel DTH online. You need to do the following steps-

Go to the Airtel Dth website or Airtel Payments Bank
Now click on ‘DTH option’
Select ‘Airtel DTH’ from the ‘Operator’ menu
Then you can choose your favourite Airtel Digital TV plan

How to add a new channel in Airtel dth?

You can send an SMS from your registered mobile number in Airtel or through a customer ID number. 

ADD <Channel Number> to 54325
Add <Channel Number> ID <Customer ID Number> send to 54325

After some time, you will receive an OTP on your mobile number for verification. You will send back a reply message such as TOP <Space> OTP Number sent to 54325. If you have any difficulty adding a new channel to the subscription pack, contact Airtel dish tv customer care number 18001036065 from your mobile number.

How to delete a channel in Airtel dth?

You can also delete any channel from your packages through a registered mobile number or customer id number.

REM <Channel Number> send to 54325
REM <Channel Number> ID <Customer ID> send to 54325

After that, you will receive verification OTP and send a reply message like TOP <Space> OTP to 34325 from your registered mobile number.

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